The Effect Of Spandex Yarn On Structural Parameters And Elasticity Of Polyamide-Spandex Knitted Fabric

Authors: Vu Thi Hong Khanh, Bui Thi Minh Thuy


In this study, 3 types of knitted fabric were used, these three fabrics are similar in knitted structure and variant in use of yarns. Each fabric uses two types of yarns, the first one is the same, the second one is different for threeb fabrics. The first yarn was wound yarn, it was composed of 1 PA texture multifilament yarn and 1 elastic covered yarn (core component is spandex monofilament; the covered component is composed of PA texture filaments). The second yarn is spandex yarn, it was different for three fabrics. This research was studied the effect of spandex content of fabric, finess and structure of spandex yarn on the structural parameters and elasticity of fabrics. The tests to determine the structural parameters and elasticity of fabrics were carried out according to the TCVN or international standards. The results of the study showed that the finess of spandex yarn is the important factor that could effect on the elasticity of fabric. Besides, the method to knit the spandex yarn to the rest yarns could decide that the spandex yarn could effect on the elasticity of fabric in wale or in course direction or in both direction.


knitted fabric, elasticity of fabric, dtex of yarn, structure of yarn, knitted structure.
Pages : 75-79

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