Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field During Welding of K Type Pipe Joint

Authors: Nguyen Hong Thanh*


This paper studies the finite element method (FEM) to simulate the temperature field during welding of K type pipe joint. Temperature variations at a point (node) in the heat source movement are examined. Using Gas Metal Arc Welding - GMAW, the welding method is now widely used in the fabrication of steel structure. The modeling and simulation of the temperature fie ld when welding K joint connection made on the basis of the model Solid (3D). In this paper we use VisualMessh / VisualWeld of ESI Group to model and simulate it. This is a useful simulation tool because it can solve the complex problems of thermomechanical and metallurgical in welding including nonlinear problems, pseudo steady state, kinetics, .. .


GMAW, Temperature field, Piping joint, K Joint, Welding numerical simulation.
Pages : 6-10

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