Optimize the Mechanism of a Finger in the Slave Hand of a Novel Master-Slave System

Authors: Nguyen Thanh Trung*, Đào Việt Hùng, Takashi Komeda


Nowadays, the teleopration system in general, the master-slave hand in particular has been using popularly in many technology and manufacturing sectors. It easily and safely supports people in many risk and hard working jobs. Besides, in the medical field the master-slave system is also been using to tele-operate for the patients. In this paper, we discuss the optimization for the index finger’s mechanism in a novel suggested master-slave hand system. The finger was driven by a servo motor through the nut-screw system and the four-bar mechanisms. The position, distances between joints of the finger were determined in advance by the avarage values of the adult people. The positon of rotational joints of the four-bar mechanisms was optimized in order to receive the minimum consumption power of the actuator. The simulation results shows that after optimizing the difference of power consumption between the maximum and minimum values is 6.27 times. And we found out the minimum position.


Teleoperation, master-slave hand, optimization mechanism, four-bar mechanism.
Pages : 11-15

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