Study on Entropy Correlation in Wireless Sensor Networks for Energy Efficiency

Authors: Nguyễn Thị Thanh Nga*, Nguyễn Kim Khánh, Ngô Hồng Sơn


Correlation characteristic can bring many significant potential advantages for the development of efficient communication protocols for wireless sensor networks. To exploit the correlation in WSNs, it is necessary to build the correlation model. However, most of the present correlation models only consider the linear and distance dependence correlation or computation complexity. This paper presents a novel entropy correlation model with less computation complexity that could be applied practically. Moreover, two energy efficient aggregation schemes including on-off scheme which offers an efficient way to choose representative nodes in a cluster with permitted distortion and compression scheme which reduces in-network message length suitable to high correlation data are also presented in this paper using the proposed correlation models.


Entropy correlation coefficient, Correlation model, Compression, Representative node, Distortion
Pages : 41-47

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