Investigation of highpower DFB diode lasers with ultra-narrow linewidth

Authors: Nguyễn Thanh Phương *


High power diode lasers emitting at near infrared have many applications in commercial and research because of their compactness, high energy-conversion efficiency and their reliability. Some applications that require a high-accuracy such as: atomic clock, atomic absorption spectroscopy… need lasers with very narrow spectral linewidth at high output power. Therefore, measuring linewidth of the lasers is very important. In this report, techniques to characterize ultra-narrow linewidth lasers are shown. Based on these techniques, high power DFB diode lasers emitting at 780 nm are investigated having spectral linewidth of 19 KHz at output power of 250 mW and temperature of 25oC


high power diode laser, narrow linewidth laser, self-delayed heterodyne
Pages : 87-91

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