Experimental studies on cutting force in thermal - assisted milling by induction heating SKD11 steel

Authors: Mạc Thị Bích *, Phạm Thị Hoa , Bành Tiến Long , Nguyễn Đức Toàn *


This paper investigates cutting force in thermal - assisted machining (TAM) by induction heating using SKD11 material. Experiments were first performed at room temperature. Experiments were then performed at elevated temperatures to evaluate effect of heating process and compare with conventional machining method. An orthogonal array - Taguchi method and analysis of variance ANOVA method were used to design experiment, evaluate influence of control parameters on the cutting force. Studied results showed the cutting force reduced deeply by machining assisted by heating. Optimum values for (TAM) of SKD11 steel were obtained by cutting speed of 280 m/min, feed rate of 230 mm/min, cutting depth of 0.5 mm and temperature of 400oC. Finally, cutting force model at elevated temperatures which was established agreed well with experimental results.


Thermal – assisted machining, induction heating, Taguchi method, ANOVA, SKD11 tool steel
Pages : 32-37

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