Developing emission factor models for in-use motorcycles fueled by gasoline, E5 and E10

Authors: Phạm Hữu Tuyến*, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Preechar Karin


Emissions from transportation sectors contain many toxic substances such as CO, HC, NOx, PM ... which cause environmental pollution and adverse effect on human health. In Vietnam, motorcycle is the most popular and contributes a high share to quantity of transportation means, so emissions from motorcycle are considerable, especially in urban areas. To estimate total emissions from motorcycles, it is necessary to determine the emission factors in certain working conditions. This paper develops the emission models of in-use motorcycles fueled by gasoline, E5 and E10 based on modal emission values which are collected from measurements on chassis dynamometer following standard driving cycles.


emissions from motorcycles, total emissions, emission factor, in-use motorcycle
Pages : 50-54

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