Effect of ring surface design on the thrust of a rotor using in multirotor UAV

Authors: Thai Thai Son, Vũ Đình Quý*


This work employs ANSYS fluent CFD tool to calculate thrust generated by a ring surface using in UAV. The aim of this paper is to characterize the effects of geometry parameters of the cover such as diameter and height on the thrust of the rotor. Firstly, the simulations of a full-open rotor at different RPMs is carried out. The results are compared to experiment data to validate the numerical model. Then, the simulations of ring surface are carried out with different geometry parameters. The results show that changing diameter of the ring surface rotor leads to thrust also changing. With an increase in the ring surface height thrust increase up to a certain value and stabilizes.


Multirotor, ring surface propeller, ring surface, thrust
Pages : 55-59

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