A Study on the effect of %CO2 on engine performance and emission characteristics of single cylinder engine with biogas fuel

Authors: Trần Đăng Quốc*


This article presents the research on effect of %CO2 on engine performance and emission characteristics of the single cylinder engine with using biogas fuels. The research engine is simulated by AVL Boost software and simulated engine adjusted with real experimental data without %CO2. The obtained results from simulated engine were considered the basic data and compared to other cases at the proportion of CO2 in Biogas fueled such as 3%, 10% and 22%, accordingly. The increase in the proportion of CO2 were simultaneously reduced torque and thermal efficiency, but these decrease can be compensated by the way as increasing both of engine speed and early ignition timing. In this study, the main cause of reducing torque and thermal efficiency was clearly found out that was due to decreasing in low heat value and volumetric efficiency. However, the enhanced proportion of CO2 in Biogas fueled was brought the advantage to reducing combustion temperature, and the result in decreasing NOx emission without EGR system.


Effect of %CO2, Engine performance, Single cylinder, Alternative fuel, Biogas fuel, Emission characteristics.
Pages : 66-71

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