Influence of the radial clearence to the pressure distribution of the 5S-FE engine’s connecting-rod big end bearing

Authors: Trần Thị Thanh Hải*, Nguyễn Đình Tân, Lưu Trọng Thuận


This paper present a numerical simulation the influence of the radial clearance to the oil film pressure distribution of the 5S-FE engine’s connecting-rod big end bearing. The equations for this problem are the modified Reynolds equation in hydrodynamic regime, oil film thicness equation and equilibrium of the charge equation. These equations are solved by the finite element method. According to the aspiration-compression-burst-exhaust process of the engine’s operation cycle, the pressure distribution varies versus crank angle, is mainly concentrated around the position 00 of the housing bearing. As close to the burst, in the neighborhoods of 3700 of crank angle (zone of explosion), the pressure distribution peak reaches a maximal value. When the radial clerance increase from value 24µm to 69µm, the peak of the pressure distribution increased by 19%. The calculation results were compared with the results from the ACCEL software (the software is developed by the University of Poitiers’ researchers, France for car manufacturers to solve the problem of connecting rod lubrication). The maximum value of the pressure at the different crankshaf’s angles is greater than the value obtained from the ACCEL.


Connecting-rod, hydrodynamic lubrication, Reynolds equation, pressure distribution, ACCEL
Pages : 40-45

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