Investigation on the strength actvity of grinding sand and its effects on the physical properties of FiCO OPC-grinding sand mortar

Authors: Vũ Hoàng Tùng*, Hồ Thanh Sự


Sand is an important constituent of a large proportion of mortar and concrete, but it is mainly used in the form of natural, used in the form of a fine grinding not well researched. In addition, the fine-grained sand and aggregate are highly activeintensity, so this can be used to produce a mixture of Portland cement, mortar or concrete with higher efficiency. This study investigated the fine-grained sand activity in grain strips <90 μm, <45 μm and <32 μm and its effect on the properties of OPC FiCO milling-cement mortar. The method of measuring the activity of standard and non-standard grinding sand, the method of examining some mechanical properties of mortar mixtures, X-ray diffraction (XRD) method has been used to clarify the level of activity. The properties of finely ground sand in grain strips and its effects on some of the basic properties of OPC FiCO milling-mortar sand mortar.


grinding sand <90μm, <45μm and <32μm, cement-ginding sand mortar, active intensity
Pages : 91-95

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