Designing and fabricating a handy instrument for measuring clothing pressure on the human body using MPX10DP pressure sensor

Authors: Phan Thanh Thảo*, Vũ Xuân Hiền


This research introduces the design and fabrication of handy instrument which can measure the pressure of costume on the human body using a MPX10DP pressure sensor. The instrument operation is based on the sensing capacity of gaseous pressure transferred from a small airbag to the pressure sensor. Therefore, the device can measure pressure in many cases e.g. pressure applied to curvy surfaces like human parts. The device can communicate with a homemade software on the computer to display and record measured data via USB or Bluetooth communication method. The prototype device is calibrated by a pressure gauge named ALP K2 which is frequently used on commercial blood-pressure monitors. Finally, the accuracy and the data shift of the device during the operation is investigated and discussed.


Clothing pressure, garment pressure, force sensors, force sensing resistors.
Pages : 45-52

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