Direct Glucose Recovery from Cassava bagasse using Granular Starch-Hydrolyzing Enzyme

Authors: Phạm Tuấn Anh*, Lê Thị Tho, Tô Kim Anh


Biorefinery of biomass which fractionates the biomass to bio-products, is seen as the foundation of the bio-economy. Cassava is main starch source for industry in Vietnam. A long with cassava starch process, cassava bagasse was discharged at a rate of approximately 280 tons of wet bagasse (85% moisture) per every 300 tons of cassava roots processed. With the residue starch estimated up to 50-60%, the bagasse can be seen as a glucose materials. By treatment of the bagasse using the granular starch-hydrolyzing enzyme Stargen 002 (DuPont) at 10 GAU/g dry bagasse at 50 oC, pH 3.5-5, the glucose can be totally recovered from residue starch in bagasse in one step process. The highest glucose concentration of the hydrolysate attained of 137 g/L and can be used for fermentation of desired products. Starch-free cellulose received can be used to develop cellulose materials. Those recovered products can help to improve the total value of the cassava production chain.


cassava bagasse, glucose recovery, Stargen 002
Pages : 59-63

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