A Study on Control of Slotless Self-Bearing Motor

Authors: Nguyễn Huy Phương*, Nguyen Xuan Bien , Vo Duc Nhan


Recently, researches that help create special electric motors play an important role in developing the new machines. This paper presents the structure, operating principle and control system for the slotless self-bearing motor. In which, the stator has no iron core and only includes a six-phase coil, and the rotor consists of a permanent magnet and an enclosed iron yoke. Magnetic forces generated by interaction between stator currents and magnetic field of permanent magnet, is used to control the rotational speed and radial position of the rotor. First, the rotation torque and radial bearing force are analyzed theoretically from that the control system design is presented. In order to confirm the proposed control method, the simulation model for the control system of the motor is developed using Matlab/Simulink. The simulation results confirm that the rotational speed and radial position of the rotor are controllable.


Active Magnetic Bearing, Slotless Self-Bearing Mortor, Lorentz Force, PID Controller
Pages : 19-25

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