Syntheis of micro/nano VO2 structure by hydrothermal method

Authors: Nguyen The Manh, Duong Hong Quan, Cao Xuan Thang, Pham Hung Vuong*


Vanadium dioxide was synthesized successfully by hydrothermal method. C2H2O4 was played as reducing agent for reducing V 5+ to V 4+ from V2O5 precusor. In this article,we have studied the effect of hydrothermal time (6h-24h), V2O5 concentration (0,1 M – 0,4 M) and ration of V2O5/C2H2O4 ( 1:2,4; 1:3, 1:4) to the structure and morphology of VO2. Phase formation of VO2 was analysized by X-ray diffraction. Morphology and size of particle were axamined by FE-SEM. The synthesized VO2 was showed variation in particle size and morphology. VO2 nanorods, micro rotor and nanoplate was observed when ratio of V2O5/C2H2O4 was 1:2,4, 1:3 and 1:4, respectively. Moreover, the VO2 particles showed highly rough and porous structure as the hydrothermal time was adjusted in the range of 6h-24h. This research showed the way to control the structure and morphology of VO2 which is useful for VO2 research area.


hydrothermal, micro rotor, vanadium oxide
Pages : 62-68

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