Spectral Properties and Beam Quality of Long Cavity High Power Semiconductor Tapered Lasers Emitting at Red Region using Reflecting Bragg Grating

Authors: Nguyễn Thanh Phương*


High power semiconductor Tapered lasers with cavity length of 4 mm are stabilized their wavelength with a Reflecting Bragg Gratting. The laser system reaches 1 W optical output power at working temperature of 25oC. The laser operates completely single longitudinal mode and stable at wavelength of 670,95 nm. The laser beam quality that is defined by the beam propagation ratio M2 at 1/e2 intensity profile level is approximate the diffraction-limited value of the perfect Gauss beam ultil the optical output power of 0,5 W. In higher optical power, the beam propagation ratio increases remarkably because of diameter beam waist broadening.


semiconductor Tapered laser, Reflecting Bragg Gratting, wavelength stabilizing
Pages : 80-83

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