Measurement of Wear of Acetabular Liner in Total Hip

Authors: Pham Ngoc Tuan*, Nguyễn Văn Tường


Wear is one of important factors to evaluate the quality and service life of total hips. This paper presents the wear test of a UHMWPE acetabular liner which was made in Vietnam. The wear of the acetabular liner was defined by the dimensional change method according to ISO 14242-2. The volume of the acetabular cavity was measured prior to the start of the wear test and at suitable intervals during the test. A coordinate measuring machine was used to get the coordinates of points on the surface of the acetabular cavity. From the measured data, the 3-dimensional model of the acetabular cavity was created to calculate its volume before and after several wear tests. The results of the wear test showed that the acetabular liner had a low wear and was in the range of typical wear of similar acetabular liners.


Wear, ISO 14242-1, ISO 14242-2, Total hip, Acetabular liner
Pages : 22-26

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