Pressure change in the chambers of the hypogerotor pump applied in lubrication of the combustion engines

Authors: Nguyễn Hồng Thái*, Trương Công Giang


Based on theoretical calculation of the cycloid hydraulic pumps in general, and of the hypocycloid gears in particular, pressure and flow are independent parameters. The pump flow depends on the rotation speed of the driving shaft, and on the other hand, the pump flow is dependent on the output load. It can be explained by the characteristics of the pump that there is no leakage between the suction and pumping chambers. Although, unavoidable manufacturing and assembling errors lead to the fact that the flow depends on the pressure of the pump. When the pressure is too high over threshold, leakage can cause zero flow in the pump. Moreover, insufficient amount of liquid in the pump chamber can also cause cavitation, which can harm the pump. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the pressure change in the pump chambers. It helps to select appropriate parameters when designing the hypogerotor pump for specific applications.


Hypogerotor pump, pressure change, hypocycloid gear, lubricating pumps
Pages : 27-32

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