Reseach the emission reduction and improve the efficiency of three way catalyst equipped on motorcycles using carburetor by air injection on the exhaust

Authors: Nguyễn Duy Tiến*, Khổng Vũ Quảng, Nguyễn Thế Lương, Phạm Hữu Tuyến


The Addition air into the engine exhaust has long been considered an effective method to utilize heat to enhance the oxidation reaction on the exhaust manifold. Moreover, the addition air will overcome the limitations in use the three way catalyst (TWC) for gasoline engine equipped carburetor fuel system because it improves the oxidation environment in the catalyst thereby improving the conversion efficiency of CO and HC. In this paper, we will evaluate the effect of the addition air into the exhaust manifold to engine performance parameters, emissions and conversion efficiency of TWC. The results show that the performance parameters of the engine, the addition air adjusted so that the equivalence ratio (λ) maintaining around 1, change not much (brake power reduction 1.67%, fuel consumption increasion 2.18%), while emissions and conversion efficiency of the catalyst are significantly improved (conversion efficiency of CO, HC increased sharply).


Air injection, TWC, Emission treatment
Pages : 44-49

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