SnO2/Pt (40nm/ 10nm) thin films sensitized for enhanced H2 gas sensing

Authors: Dang Thanh Le, Nguyen Duc Hoang, Nguyen Thi Bac, Nguyen Van Toan*, Chu Manh Hung


Detection and alarm of leakage of hydrogen (H2) gas is crucially important for safety use. In this study, we dedicate on the fabrication of H2 gas sensors based on SnO2 thin film sensitized with Pt islands. The H2 gas sensors based on thin film of SnO2 (40 nm) sensitized by Pt (10 nm) islands were deposited by reactive sputtering method using Sn, and Pt targets for the fabrication of sensor chips. The optimized sensor could be used for monitoring hydrogen gas at low concentrations of 25–250 ppm, with a linear dependence to H2 concentration and a fast response and recovery time (2 – 35 seconds). The mechanism of the sensor needs to be studied further in future.


SnO2/Pt thin film, Gas sensors, H2
Pages : 55-59

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