Central Improvement Of Voltage Sags In The IEEE 33-Bus Distribution System By A Number of D-STATCOMs

Authors: Bạch Quốc Khánh*


The paper introduces a novel method for “central improvement” of voltage sags due to short-circuits in distribution system using multiples of D-Statcoms. D-Statcom’s effectiveness for voltage sag mitigation is modeled basing on the method of Thevenin’s superimposition for the problem of short-circuit calculation in distribution systems. The paper newly considers the case of using a multiple of D-Statcoms with a proposed voltage compensating principle that can be practical for large size of distribution system. A multiple of D-Statcoms are optimally located and sized on the basis of minimizing the system bus voltage deviation with regard to the constraint of D-Statcom’s size. The paper uses the IEEE 33-buses distribution feeder as the test system for voltage sag simulation and results discussion


Distribution System, Voltage Sag, System Voltage Deviation, Distribution Synchronous Compensation – D-Statcom
Pages : 12-17

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