Modelling Dynamic Characteristics of a Pneumatic Servo System

Authors: Trần Xuân Bộ*


This paper examines dynamic characteristics of a pneumatic servo system and develops a suitable mathematical model for the system. In order to deal with these purposes, an experimental setup of the pneumatic servo system using a double acting pneumatic cylinder and two proportional flow control valves is considered. The operating characteristics such as the piston position, the pressures in the cylinder chambers, and the friction force are measured and analyzed. A mathematical model of the pneumatic servo system is proposed by taking the dead-zone and quickly exhausting characteristics of the valve and a dynamic friction model of the pneumatic cylinder into consideration. The results make clear the dynamic behaviors of the system and show that the proposed system model is appropriate.


Pneumatic servo system, pneumatic cylinder, proportional flow control valve, friction model, system modelling
Pages : 18-24

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