Research on establishing the hand size system of Hung Yen female students for leather glove d

Authors: Bùi Văn Huấn *, Đỗ Thị Hoa Ngà


Hand shape and size are important data to design gloves, especially tight-fitting leather gloves. In this study, using the direct measurement method to determine 37 hand measurements in straightening and clench positions of 270 female students in Hung Yen. The basic statistical characteristics of the hand measurements were determined by using excels and SPSS software. The hand size system of studied female students with 9 sizes (3 sizes by hand circumference and 3 sizes by hand lengths corresponding to each size by hand circumference) has been developed. This size system meets 90% of studied students. This is an important data for designing comfortable leather gloves. When the hand grasped, its length increased to 9.7%, fingers length to 26.1%, circumference to 5.6%. This needs to be considered when choosing materials, designing tight-fitting leather gloves.


Hand size system, design of leather gloves, hand measurements
Pages : 25-30

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