Study the Influence of Technological Parameters to the Twist of Yarn after the Winding Process

Authors: Giần Thị Thu Hường*, Trần Đức Trung


This paper presents the research results on influence of some technological parameters during the winding process: the winding speed Z1, the compressing force of the yarn tension Z2 and the distance from the top of the bobbin to the guide eye of balloon controller Z3 to the twist of yarn after the winding process. By using the orthogonal planning experiments with the support of the software NEMRODW 2007, the influence of three selected parameters of technology was determined to the twist of yarn after the winding process. The experimental regression function shows the relationship between the twist of yarn after the winding process and the three selected technological parameters is established for 100% cotton, Nm 34. This research results are the base for selection of the technological parameters to achieve the required twist (change of the twist) of the yarn after winding process. To achieve the twist of yarn increased by 7% compared to the twist before winding, the winding machine has the highest productivity, the technological parameters to be selected are: Z1 = 800m/min, Z2 = 30cN and Z3 = 14cm.


twist of yarn, winding, technological parameters.
Pages : 31-35

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