Changes in structure and physico-chemical properties of maltodextrin under atmospheric cold argon-plasma treatment

Authors: Trịnh Khánh Sơn*, Nguyễn Thùy Linh


Maltodextrin was modified under DBD argon-plasma system. Under treatment, color of maltodextrin samples were significantly changed and could be distinguished by human eyes; free acid content is 2.25-folded increase; DE value is ~1.9-folded increase comparing to untreated maltodextrin. The viscosity was strongly correlated to treatment time. After modification, maltodextrin was depolymerized to reduce of around 1.56-folded of its average molecular weight and DP comparing to untreated sample. The ratio of alpha-helix/amorphous structure was not dramatically changed. FTIR spectra showed that the depolymerization and cross-linking formation was processed at various level. Short time of treatment was mainly resulted in the broken down of C-O-C bonds; whilst, new C-O-C linkage was created during long time of treatment.


argon-plasma, FTIR, maltodextrin, molecular weight, viscosity
Pages : 68-73

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