Applied Lora technology to build a monitoring system on Vietnamese railway cars

Authors: Nguyễn Hoàng DUng*, Dương Thế Anh


Nowadays, monitoring of environmental parameters is very essential in many different fields such as cultivation, aquaculture, livestock, industrial gas waste and others. The Industry 4.0 with IoT (Internet of Things) as the center, will help us to monitor environmental parameters anytime, anywhere. Only a smartphone can display alerts when monitoring environment parameters exceed allowed thresholds. Monitoring results will help the functional department to make timely handing to reduce risks and limit environmental impacts on human life. In this paper, the research team proposed a model of Lora technology application to monitor Vietnamese railroad carriages for improving service quality, as well as creating a reliant, safe and friendly feeling for every passenger.


IoT, LoRa, CCS, Node, Gateway
Pages : 15-21

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