Study on the effects of SbCl3 concentration on the structure, properties of mixed oxide thin film HKC/Sb2O3-SnO2 and its application for the treatment of Rhodamine B

Authors: Huỳnh Thu Sương*, Bùi Thị Thanh Huyền, La Thế Vinh


This paper deals with the effects of SbCl3 concentration on the structure and properties of mixed metal oxide thin film on high alloy steel Cr18Ni12Ti and application for the treatment of Rhodamine B by advanced electrochemical oxidation method. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), cyclic voltammetry (CV), surface resistance measurement method (four point probers) and UV-Vis were used in this study. The obtained results showed that the mixed oxide thin film HKC/SnO2-Sb2O3 formed by dipped in a solution containing 10 g/L of SbCl3, calcined at 450 °C for 5 hours provides the film with the best properties. The formed film has no crack-mud phenomenon, the smallest resistivity and the largest SnO2 crystal size. The color removal efficiency of Rhodamine B on HKC/SnO2-Sb2O3 anode reaches about 95% for 20 minutes of electrolysis time at the current density of 12 mA/cm2.


SnO2-Sb2O3, high alloy steel, thin film, antimony-doped tin
Pages : 22-27

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