Application of Exhaustive Search for Optimization Assembly Line Balancing in Garment Industry

Authors: Đinh Mai Hương*, Trương Văn Long, Đỗ Phan Thuận, Phan Thanh Thảo, Nguyễn Đức Nghĩa


Assembly line balancing (ALB) is an important task for the garment industry to improve productivity and minimize production costs. Several studies on ALB have been conducted with different objectives. There has been much progress in approximate methods to solve the problem of ALB. In the optimal algorithms, the exhaustive search is the method of finding a test that is often applied on the basis of considering all options to find the best solution. The biggest advantage of the exhaustive search method is always finding the exact solution. This paper presents the optimal research results of ALB when giving the capacity of the line with the objective function of minimizing the number of workers involved in production so that the line can achieve high equilibrium efficiency. Based on the study of the actual conditions of the industrial sewing lines, the constraints on the order of execution, equipment and implementation time are described. The article has proposed an algorithm on the basis of exhaustive search applications to find the optimal solution for the stated goal. The algorithm was run and tested on the actual data set related to the production of Polo-Shirt products at Dong Van Garment Factory, Ha Noi Textile & Garment Joint Stock Corporation. The results of theoretical and empirical research have contributed to building a scientific basis to solve the problem of the optimal balance of the industrial sewing lines


Asembly line balancing, balancing techniques, graph, exhausted search
Pages : 40-47

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