J. Science & Tech. - 118 (06/2017)

Created on : 09-06-2017
1. Research article
Open access
Synthesis of Novel Ure Derivatives of Artemisinin
Authors: Tran Khac Vu*
Pages: 1-4
2. Research article
Open access
Cleavage of the N-O bond in the 4-spirocyclopropaneisoxazolidine carboxylate and subsequent cycloaddition
Authors: Tran Quang Tung*, Do Duc Thang, Tran Anh Dung
Pages: 5-8
3. Research article
Open access
Secondary Metabolites from Marine Bacterium Nocardiopsis Sp. (G057)
Authors: Pham Van Cuong*
Pages: 9-13
4. Research article
Open access
Monitoring the estrogenic activities of the metabolites of bisphenol A, F and S during Sphingobium fuliginis OMI-mediated biodegradation
Authors: Đặng Minh Hiếu*, Koichiro Tokura, Masashi Kuroda, Michihiko Ike
Pages: 14-19
5. Research article
Open access
Silver and Gold Nanoparticles: a Toxicological Aspect
Authors: Dang Minh Hieu*
Pages: 20-25
7. Research article
Open access
Removal efficiency of an aluminum based hydrotalcite-like-compound on arsenic
Authors: Đào Thị Hồng Nhung, Lý Bích Thủy*, Võ Thị Lệ Hà
Pages: 30-35
8. Research article
Open access
In-Situ Fabrication of SnO2 Nanowires/Carbon Nanotubes Heterojunctions Based NO2 Gas Sensors
Authors: Nguyen Van Duy*
Pages: 36-39
9. Research article
Open access
Highly Sensitive Molecularly Imprinted Impedimetric Sensor Based on AuNPs-Modified Screen Printed Electrode for 17-Estradiol Detection
Authors: Truong T. N. Lien*
Pages: 40-44
10. Research article
Open access
Characterization of LiFePO4 Nanostructures Synthesized by Solvothermal Method
Authors: Nguyen Thi My Anh*
Pages: 45-50
11. Research article
Open access
Enhancement of Ethanol Vapor Sensing Properties of ZnO Nanoplates by Simple Composition with -Fe2O3 Nanorods
Authors: Do Duc Tho*, Luong Huu Phuoc, Nguyen Duy Thanh, Nguyen Dinh Thieu, Vu Xuan Hien, Dang Duc Vuong, Nguyen Duc Chien
Pages: 51-54
12. Research article
Open access
Structural and magnetic properties of nickel spinel doping gadolinium synthesized by using citrate precursor technique
Authors: Lương Ngọc Anh*, Tô Thanh Loan
Pages: 55-59
13. Research article
Open access
Fabrication of sub-micro thin layer structures using Cyclopentanone mix solution as a modified SU-8 3050
Authors: Nguyen Quang Long, Nguyen Thi Thai, Chu Thi Xuan*, Nguyen Minh Hang, Pham Duc Thanh, Mai Anh Tuan
Pages: 60-64