J. Science & Tech. - 130 (11/2018)

Created on : 26-11-2018
1. Research article
Open access
Research on Effects of Geometry Parameters on Stability Zone of a Rotor Supported by Foil-Air Bearings Using an Improved Foil Model
Authors: Nguyễn Minh Quân*, Phạm Minh Hải, Đinh Văn Phong
Pages: 1-6
2. Research article
Open access
Energy focusing efficiency estimation of a multi-level Fresnel lens through surface profile
Authors: Tuan-Anh Bui*
Pages: 7-12
3. Research article
Open access
Cyclic deformation and stress – strain characteristics of special steel 38XH3MФА
Authors: Bùi Mạnh Cường, Nguyễn Văn Dương*
Pages: 13-16
4. Research article
Open access
Study to improve the spindle bearing stiffness of medium external cylindrical grinding machines based on numerical simulation of hydrostatic lubrication
Authors: Bùi Tuấn Anh, Nguyễn Thùy Dương, Phạm Văn Hùng*
Pages: 17-23
5. Research article
Open access
High Precision Displacement-Measuring Interferometer Based on Phase Modulation Technique and Modulation Index Instability Elimination
Authors: Vũ Thanh Tùng*, Nguyễn Vũ Hải Linh
Pages: 24-27
6. Research article
Open access
The application of genetic algorithm to optimize technical parameters in profile grinding for ball bearing’s inner ring groove
Authors: Nguyễn Anh Tuấn*, Vũ Toàn Thắng, Nguyễn Viết Tiếp
Pages: 28-32
7. Research article
Open access
Numerical investigation of the viscous incompressible flow around two circular cylinders in tandem arrangement
Authors: Phan Duc Huynh*
Pages: 33-38
8. Research article
Open access
A Study in Vibration of a Large-Scale Hydraulic Cylinder Actuator via Numerical Simulation
Authors: Trương Văn Thuận*
Pages: 39-42
9. Research article
Open access
Studying the implementation of Finite Element Models in the orthogonal cutting processes with uncoated tool and TiN, TiCN and Al2O3 coated tool
Authors: Nguyễn Kiên Trung*, Trương Hoành Sơn
Pages: 43-49
10. Research article
Open access
Developing emission factor models for in-use motorcycles fueled by gasoline, E5 and E10
Authors: Phạm Hữu Tuyến*, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Preechar Karin
Pages: 50-54
11. Research article
Open access
Effect of ring surface design on the thrust of a rotor using in multirotor UAV
Authors: Thai Thai Son, Vũ Đình Quý*
Pages: 55-59
12. Research article
Open access
Effect of diesel-ethanol blends as fuels on performance and emissions of a diesel truck engine
Authors: Nguyễn Văn Nhỉnh*, Phạm Minh Tuấn, Phạm Hữu Tuyến
Pages: 60-64
13. Research article
Open access
Simulation investigation of wind effect on solar panels
Authors: Mateus Manuel Neto*, Pham Van Thang*, Luu Thi Lan Anh, Pham Phi Hung, Nguyen Ngoc Trung, Vo Thach Son
Pages: 65-69
14. Research article
Open access
Multiscale Simulations of Spray Drying Process
Authors: Trần Thị Thu Hằng*
Pages: 70-75