J. Science & Tech. - 131 (11/2018)

Created on : 26-11-2018
1. Research article
Open access
Fuzzy Logic and T-Test for Load Forecasting
Authors: Phan Thi Thanh Binh*, Dinh Xuan Thu, Vo Viet Cuong*
Pages: 1-5
2. Research article
Open access
A Sentiment Analyzer for Informal Text in Social Media
Authors: Lê Thanh Hương*, Trần Trọng Nhân
Pages: 6-12
3. Research article
Open access
A solution to improve the digital signature schemes DSA in ring Zn be secure from the situations of coinciding or revealing of session key
Authors: Lê Văn Tuấn*, Tạ Minh Thanh, Lều Đức Tân
Pages: 13-18
4. Research article
Open access
A Novel Concept of a Single-Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
Authors: Vu Hoang Phuong*
Pages: 19-24
5. Research article
Open access
A Gantry Crane Control Using ADRC and Input Shaping
Authors: Đỗ Trọng Hiếu*, Dương Minh Đức*, Hoàng Văn Thắng, Trần Văn Tùng, Nguyễn Trí Kiên
Pages: 25-30
6. Research article
Open access
A new decoupling controller for multi-time delayed TITO processes
Authors: Nguyễn Doãn Phước, Nguyễn Thu Hà*
Pages: 31-35
7. Research article
Open access
The optimal location and compensation level of Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC) in Wholesale Electricity Markets considering Active Power Reserves
Authors: Phạm Năng Văn*, Lã Minh Khánh
Pages: 36-41
8. Research article
Open access
Online Training Algorithm of SVC Using An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Controller
Authors: Nguyễn Thị Mi Sa*
Pages: 42-48
9. Research article
Open access
Effect of Transmission Line Configuration on the Installation of Surge Arrester
Authors: Ninh Văn Nam *, Phạm Hồng Thịnh, Trần Văn Tớp
Pages: 49-54
10. Research article
Open access
QoE Optimization Based on Quality-delay Trade-off Model for Adaptive Streaming with Multiple VBR Videos
Authors: Nguyễn Thị Kim Thoa*, Phạm Hồng Thịnh, Phạm Ngọc Nam
Pages: 55-61
11. Research article
Open access
An Improved Navigation Method for Robot in Indoor Dynamic Environment Based on Ground Extraction
Authors: Đỗ Trọng Anh, Đặng Khánh Hòa, Thân Việt Đức, Vũ Song Tùng, Lê Dũng, Nguyễn Tiến Dũng*
Pages: 62-68
12. Research article
Open access
SDN-based Adaptive Routing for Video Streaming over HTTP
Authors: Pham Hong Thinh*, Nguyen Duc An, Tran Duc Tan, Truong Thu Huong, Pham Ngoc Nam
Pages: 69-75
13. Research article
Open access
A Low Area AES Encryption Core with Silicon Demonstration in 180nm CMOS Process
Authors: Nguyễn Anh Thái*, Đào Văn Lân, Hoàng Văn Phúc
Pages: 76-81
14. Research article
Open access
Near field and far field calculation from metallic elliptical cylinder coated with left-handed metamaterial
Authors: Hồ Mạnh Linh*, Tạ Sơn Xuất, Nguyễn Khắc Kiểm , Đào Ngọc Chiến
Pages: 82-86
15. Research article
Open access
A design of rheoencephalography acquisition system based on bioimpedance measurement as the basis for assessment of cerebral circulation
Authors: Vu Duy Hai*, Lai Huu Phuong Trung*, Phan Dang Hung, Dao Viet Hung, Dao Quang Huan, Chu Quang Dan
Pages: 87-93
16. Research article
Open access
A New Method of Measuring Impedance Cardiography for Cardiac Output Estimation by Directly Digitizing the High Frequency Modulated Signal at Lower Sampling Rate
Authors: Đào Việt Hùng, Phan Đăng Hưng, Đinh Thị Nhung*, Vũ Duy Hải, Chu Quang Dần
Pages: 94-99
17. Research article
Open access
A variational mode decomposition-based approach for Heart rate monitoring using wrist-type Photoplethysmographic Signals during intensive Physical Exercise
Authors: Thi-Thao Tran, Van-Truong Pham *, Dang-Thanh Bui
Pages: 100-104
18. Research article
Open access
An Adaptive Filtering based Approach for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Quality Assessment
Authors: Phạm Văn Trường*, Trần Thị Thảo*, Trịnh Công Đồng
Pages: 105-110